A comprehensive online Islamic academy where learning will be better than the real physical campus.


Online Islamic courses from Pre-primary to degree levels. Regular interactive-live-smart classes create a real class room ambiance whereas rich graphic e-Learning resources make the learning very attractive and interesting. Group assignme...

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Live smart class

  • Teacher appears on the screen.
  • Deliver presentations with PPT, PDF ect.
  • Writes on the white boards with Pen Tablet.
  • Interact through video and audio.
  • Text chatting with all students.


  • Online exams, workshops, counselling
  • Qira’ath recording and submission.
  • Students’ seminars, online parents meet
  • Parent login, Progress reports
  • Islamic practices check logs.

Distant Smart class rooms

  • Use full for traditional madrassa
  • Group of student can learn from distant tutor
  • A TV / Projector with wireless mike needed
  • Just a monitoring staff, no additional staff required

Devoid of all sectarian teachings

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No age limit, purely depends on the knowledge level.Admission based on online test exam. 50 learners in a division of each course, one class teacher and a course coordinator for each division, access restriction through log in ID and Password.

Free course

4 Months

Life and teaching of prophet Muhammed (PBH)


6 Months

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9 Months

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Upper Primary

12 Months

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Why campus4islam

Campus4islam is an online Islamic academy introduced to address the lacuna in contemporary madrassa education ...


Islamic education system in Kerala has undergone rapid scientific changes for the last two-three decades. Generally...

The concept

Campus4islam is a virtual campus where Islamic education is provided using advanced e-learning technologies. S...


what campus provides us The Campus provides various online courses from Pre-primary to degree levels which are so d...

How is it different

There are a number of online courses and e-resources presently available for studying Islamic subjects. Campu...


other features a) Self-study materials include video, animations, pictures, PPTs, etc. and are easily usable and hi...

How it works

Student’s skills are assessed at the time of enrolment. This process helps us understand the strength and weak...


Who can apply? The Project aims to provide Islamic education to all people irrespective of their age and knowledge...

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